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Lab Assistant.

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Home collection services

We avail home collection throught the south india iin metro and non metro cities as well.

Home collection includes collection of blood , urine and covid-19 samples accordingto the S.O.P.'s and handover to laboratory for analysis.

Pickup Executives, Logistics Support & Bikers

  • Our biker services handle pickup services. This may involve a package, a document, apurchase or a delivery as the case may be. Trained and knowledgeable, each biker knowsexactly what to do and carries out the procedure efficiently within short span of his arrivalat the location. Currently around 400 bikers are operating in the whole south region.


  • Phlebotomists are medical professionals who work in medical labs, taking blood samples from patients and adequately labeling them with their information. Theyconduct a wide range of tests to identify underlying conditions to assist Doctors with diagnosis and patient care. we have around 550 Phlebotomist in the south india .

  • We offer trained phlebotomists who have through knowledge about new technical standards and test as well as the new NABL guidelines. You may employ such trained phlebotomists or, if you are planning to recruit people, we can train them to enhance their skill levels.


  • we provide staff nurses for hospitals and clinics as well who works for a health care facility that provides direct patient care. Staff nurses perform duties such as giving patients their medications, monitoring vital signs, documenting patients' condition, and educating patients and their families about medical conditions.


  • we are specalized in fleet manpower, on contract basis for pharma, diagnostics and resarch institution.