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Hiring Sales Manager.


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Shiva's involves the determination of manpower requirements of the enterprise and providing it withadequate competent people at all its levels. Shiva's comes with the variety of Solutions to meet specificclient needs, from short assignments to full-time hires.

Shiva's led by a well-qualified team of professionals with expertise in providing comprehensive andintegrated facility solutions. We thrive on delivering cost-effective and customized facility managementservices to help our clients operate optimally.

Our Areas of Responsibility

  • Order Processing.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Packaging.
  • Order Tracking and Customer Communication.
  • Shipping & Returns management.

We provide E2E Facility Management Services to

Shiva's maintains team for Last mile delivery is a term used for transportation ofmerchandise from the nearest distribution hub to the final destination, such as a home orbusiness. The term is commonly used in the contexts of food delivery, enterprise supplychains and transport for delivery businesses.

Shiva's provide Picker-packer workers, also known as order fulfillment associates, are essentialcomponents of today's economy. Responsible for filling customer orders, these individuals pick productsoff shelves in a warehouse and pack it for shipment, hence the name pick pack.